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Our approach to service and installation of solar systems is very different from the rest of the field. We always do the right thing, we offer extremely fair pricing, and we sincerely try to exceed our customers’ expectations on every project we do. The goal of all of our team members is to provide you with the highest quality and most effective solar products and installation, that will satisfy your energy usage, at a fair and affordable price.

At HM Solar, we specialize in sales and installation of long lasting solar panels, Hybrid inverter, Solar battery, Solar charge controllers and Solar powered street lights. HM Solar is the sole distributor of SRNE products in Nigeria. Every team member has a vested interest in the future of the company. We do not employ highly paid commissioned salespeople, which not only saves you an industry average of at least 10%, it also ensures that you will have someone focused only on your needs and goals, and not someone’s commission check. Every team member will treat you as our only client and ensure a job that is above and beyond your expectations.

We are in partnership with SRNE China, which specializes in the R&D, production of solar charge controllers as well as the world’s leading suppliers of off-grid photovoltaic system application technology.

Why you need to Go Solar

Zero Maintenance and Energy Production Costs

Because solar energy does not need an outside supply of energy, it allows the energy production costs, as well as maintenance, to be almost zero.

No Noise Pollution

Because the production of solar energy does not generate noise pollution, such as other forms of eco-friendly electricity, it can be installed anywhere, as they create no distractions or ugly noises to decrease property values.

Simple Installation

The installation of solar panels and inverter systems are incredibly simple. Not only can they essentially be installed anywhere, but they can also take advantage of horizontal and vertical spaces. This makes it an extremely flexible source of energy.

Good For The Environment

The most obvious and well-known trend to go solar is that you will not be generating waste. This is also true because there is no maintenance required, and its lifetime is much longer than other energy-production systems. In turn, you will not need to throw away current equipment and create more pollution in the environment. Solar panels are also extremely durable and are able to handle all weather conditions.

Higher Security

This is an important benefit to solar because often there are blackouts and voltage dips that occur with typical energy sources. it provides more security for the power grid. This means that overloads and fires will not affect performance or energy. Less downtime equals more productivity and less headache!

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Solar an incredible source of power, Forget depending on electric company to generate electricity for your home or business. Generate your own electricity and step into the clean, green, future. We are here to help you find what matches your needs! Contact us today by giving us a call on +234 803 449 0636. We can answer your questions, provide you with more information, and also provide you a free quote!

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