SRNE-MPPT Solar Charging Controller MA2430N15

MA Series 24V 30A

The MA series controller adopts the industry-leading MPPT maximum power tracking technology to achieve the maximum energy of the solar panel.

It can quickly and accurately track the maximum power point of the solar cell in any environment, and obtain the solar energy in real time. 



◆Using MPPT technology, the tracking efficiency of MPPT can reach 99.9%.
◆Support CAN communication function (optional).
◆Supports a wide variety of batteries such as sealed, colloidal, open-type, lithium battery and user-customized battery.
◆Support line loss compensation of charging voltage, so that the battery charging voltage control is more accurate (partial models).
◆Support starting capacitive load and inductive load.
◆RS485 communication supporting standard Modbus protocol, with baud rate adjustable.
◆Support TTL communication of standard Modbus protocol, with baud rate fixed.
◆With perfect charging and discharging protection mechanism such as supervoltage, overcurrent, overload, overtemperature and short-circuiting.
◆ Using high-quality aluminum radiator and high-temperature derating processing can ensure reliable and efficient operation in each work environment.


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