SRNE-PWM Embedded Solar Controller HV2430

System voltage:12V/24V/AUTO(default)

Battery operating voltage range:9V~32V

Rated charging current:30A

Maximum solar panel power:400W/12V ; 800W/24V

Maximum PV open-circuit voltage:55V



Main Features

  • Products adopt 32-bit high-speed main control chip and large-screen LCD, with adjustable charging and discharging parameters.
  • Support multiple battery types such as sealed battery, gel battery, flooded battery, lithiumbatteryand user-defined battery.
  • The complete multi-stage PWM charging management can be set to off-load charging for better support of voltage-sensitive loads.
  • Dual MOS anti-backflow circuit is equipped with ultra-low heat generation.
  • Lithium battery activation function is provided.
  • Support the full cutoff current setting.
  • Support temperature compensation.
  • Support charging voltage line loss compensation so that the control of battery charging voltage is more accurate.
  • Support TTL communication of standard Modbus protocol.
  • Built-in reverse polarity protection, open circuit protection, high temperature protection,overcurrent protection, short circuit protection (available for set), all of which are self-recovery type without damage to the controller.


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